What people are saying about Ed Thornton and Primetime Fitness

  "Ed Thornton is on to something!
   For one thing, his approach is simplicity itself. One fitness studio with one trainer, a bunch of equipment, no waiting and no nonsense. When you get done with a workout with Ed, you know he's done something for you. Muscle groups that didn't get emphasized in the previous session, certainly get exercised in the current one because he varies your workouts consistently. During our sessions, we also talk about diet and the rest of the things that affect my physical health directly. At 60 some years of age, I feel like I'm in my prime, and want to keep it that way. I have no intention of retiring or slowing down.    
  After a several years of working with Ed Thornton as my trainer and using his program, I wouldn't exercise any other way."                                          
      Christopher Mueller                                                                             
      Professor of Law,
      University of Colorado
   “I started working with Ed in 2008 to help with recovery from back surgery. He’s continued to guide my fitness and strength work in the years since and through more surgeries including a knee replacement and two more back surgeries. Strength conditioning is the key to remaining active after age 50 and Ed is particularly attuned to the needs of aging yet active people who want to stay in motion. My work with Ed over the years has been very rewarding.”
      Andy, 64
      Boulder Colorado


   "I am a active 78 years old man living in Boulder, and for approximately four years now, I have been training with Ed Thornton.
  "Ed knows how to get the best effort out of people in the prime of their lives, in a process that pushes them just far enough. When I’ve finished a workout with Ed, I know I’ve been worked out, but I’m not trashed for the rest of the day. He concentrates on core development, but doesn’t neglect upper body and leg muscles. Ed has an appealing personality and is extremely affordable. He should be at the top of one’s list of personal trainers for those of us who have replaced a surplus of energy with an abundance of wisdom.
      Alan Rudy,
      Boulder Colorado
   "Ed Thornton has been my Personal Trainer for the better part of 17 years now.
His exercise program, motivational skills, diligence, knowledge, and patience, have kept me excited about staying fit through my mid 40s, all of my 50s, and even now, as I'm entering my 60s. Ed has consistently customized my exercise routine over the years to adapt to the natural changes my body has gone through as I enter this next active phase of my life.
  His ability to educate his clients about exercise physiology, as well as gently, yet consistently motivate them to stay the course, makes him the perfect coach for people my age. I have recommended him to many of my clients and friends over the years and will continue to do so.   
     Larry K. 61
     Boulder CO

   "I have been training with Ed for over 10 years, and he has helped me stay in shape in spite of being tied to a desk most of the week. He is very knowledgeable on the topic of physiology and anatomy, and has a keen sense of how to explain it in layman's terms. He has been enormously helpful in working with me around various aches, pains and injuries. I highly recommend Ed as a great trainer, especially for folks my age".

     Wayne Greenberg, 60
     Boulder CO.



    "I started going to Primetime Fitness because I liked the idea of one on one training. My overall level of fitness and strength has seen a noticeable improvement along with my core strength. Working with Ed has certainly helped my running endurance and overall level of fitness. I am going on five years of training with Ed, and I still look forward to each session.

    Mike Boggs, Boulder Colorado
    Age: 60