When it comes to fitness, my goal has always been to offer the public a comfortable space to  exercise, along with a motivational exercise program that included many years of extensive training experience, along with my complete and personalized guidance. Having been a Personal Trainer working at City Recreation Centers and other large Health Clubs throughout most of the 1990s, I came to realize that many clients felt awkward and uncomfortable trying to fit into loud, sweaty, testosterone filled environments. Even back then, most of my clients weren't what you would have called, "Gym Rats", and some, who may not have been in the best of shape to begin with, often felt so uncomfortable that they would stop trying all together, and hence give up on their plans to get fit.
   By giving these same clients the opportunity to exercise in a non intimidating, personal, and safe environment, they seemed to thrive and reach their goals. This is why in 1998, I stopped working at City Recreation Centers and large Health Clubs, and opened 'Prime Time Fitness'. My clientele has almost always consisted of regular active people, who wanted to trim down and get stronger at activities like bike riding, playing tennis, hiking, running, and swimming. They simply want to live healthier, more active, quality lives, and, they realize that exercise and a proper diet are perhaps the most important keys to achieving that goal. 


                           Apparently, as I got older and wiser, so did my clients!


     After over twenty five years of being a Personal Trainer, my clientele at this point is almost exclusively over the age of 50, and I'm proud to say that I've been training many of them for ten years or more. Seeing folks reach their physical goals at any age is exciting, but I find it particularly rewarding to help someone who is 55 or 60 years old rehab after knee or back surgery and get back to the activities they love. I have the best clients in the world, and it's an honor to serve them.